Right Brain Spheres

Perfectly Round

Each of the fifty seven “optically perfect” spheres shown below
were created free hand with the intuitive mind of Dr. Philip Alexander, M.D.

Each of the 57 perfectly round spheres shown in the photo below is an exquisite example of what your intuitive mind can do when it is allowed to function without interference from your rational mind. Each of the spheres is “about as close to optically perfect as you can get,” according to Dr. Philip Alexander, M.D., who shaped them by hand on a lapidary stone with his intuitive mind fully engaged (or operating “in the right brain” as some might say).

In using the words ”optically perfect,” Dr. Alexander refers to the fact that if he were to start one of them rolling very slowly across a clean, glass-top table, it will continue to roll in a perfectly straight line until it reaches the edge of the table.

“The right brain can ‘feel’ perfect round”

That’s what Dr. Philip Alexander told me the first time he rolled one of his magnificent, hand-crafted “spheres” across his desk and into my lap. Dr. Alexander is a doctor of internal medicine who practices in Bryan, Texas. He is also one of many people around the world who regularly gains direct access to his brain’s powerful right hemisphere by consciously distracting its left.

The above incident took place in April of 1982, some 15 months after Dr. Alexander read the book, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,” by Betty Edwards—and discovered the awesome power of making this simple shift in consciousness. Once he’s “in the right brain,” as he describes it, he can take an ordinary piece of mineral, or “rock,” hold it against a lapidary stone and continue to grind away at it until his left hand (which is connected to his right brain) can “feel” that it is gradually becoming perfectly, spherically round.

You and I are capable of duplicating this result!

Yes, it is a well-established fact that any one of us is fully capable of duplicating Dr. Alexander’s ability to “feel perfect round” by learning to distract our rational mind.

Does this make you to wonder what else your intuitive mind could do for you if only you knew how to stop the interference from your rational mind? Here’s what Albert Einstein has to say about that:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” —Albert Enstein

Special features of your intuitive mind...

  • Your intuitive mind is known to process information from 1,000 to 10,000 times as fast as your rational mind.
  • Your intuition's ability to process huge amounts of complex information almost instantly requires a processing language that is far more capable than the simple language of words and numbers used by your rational mind.
  • The processing language used by your intuition to meet these complex requirements is based on feelings, patterns and pictures, or symbols.
  • It would be wonderful if your intuition came with an Operator's Manual, but it doesn’t. There's no rational way for you to come with one, it has yet to be translated into the rational mind’s simple language of words and numbers.
  • Your intuition relies on your rational mind for two critically important tasks:
    1. it must present your intuition with questions that engage its awesome power, and

    2. it must take your intuition’s exquisitely beautiful conclusions and insights—that were formed using the complex language of feelings, patterns and pictures—and translate them back into the simple language of words and numbers so the rational mind can understand and communicate them to others.
  • Your intuition is naturally inclined to seek the state of “perfect round” in everything it does. It is also, for all practical purposes, dormant until engaged by a question or questions that tap into its powerful, natural orientation toward seeking the ideal, or “perfect round.”
  • Keep this concept of “perfect round” in mind whenever you're dealing with your intuition, and you will go a long way toward tapping into this awesome power.

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