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“Breaking the Rules”

Removing the Obstacles to Effortless High
by Kurt Wright

ISBN: 0961438339
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“Breaking the Rules”

Accessing Your Inner Wisdom
by Kurt Wright

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What’s the Relationship Between Energy, Questions and Peak Performance?

  • Have you ever wondered why peak performers, visionary thinkers and three-year-old children all have the same amazing abundance of creative energy? (Hint: Could it have something to do with the questions they ask?)
  • Have you ever noticed that whenever you ask a “What’s wrong?” question, you experience a negative drain on your emotional energy?
  • Did you know that peak performers and visionary thinkers use their rational minds primarily to dialogue with their intuition, and that they do so by controlling the way they ask questions?
  • Has anyone ever informed you of the fact that the conscious, analytical part of your brain by itself is incapable of “knowing” anything and that all it can do is execute programs that have been installed in its memory? (This little-known fact was discovered by Dr. Roger Sperry and others during medical research that won them the 1981 Nobel Prize for medicine.)
  • Do you know that the analytical part of your brain cannot tell if the programs it’s running are flawed, in conflict with each other, out of date or invalid? (This is why it was so difficult for the Earth to change from being flat to being round!)
  • Did you know that by asking “What’s wrong?” questions, you cause all of your thinking to be done by the analytical part of your brain—the part that cannot distinguish truth from fiction?
  • Has anyone ever told you that the best way to keep yourself from being truly effective is to judge yourself, others, ideas, actions or things to be good or bad, right or wrong?
  • Are you aware of the fact that it is impossible for you to have any kind of anxiety, stress or even anger without having first judged something to be good or bad, right or wrong? (Want to stop having stress? It's all under your control.)

    Take control of your life!

    These are just a few of the life-changing principles presented in “Breaking the Rules,” a book that offers an unmistakably clear path for taking control of your life and learning how to bring out the best in yourself and others. Two of the most important things you could learn from reading this book are:

    • how to become entirely free of judging, and
    • how to master the art of asking questions to gain real-time, productive use of your intuition.

Breaking the Rules
Accessing Your Inner Wisdom
by Kurt Wright

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