Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

A belief is simply a thought we’ve had often enough that it’s been transformed into a belief. Once a thought becomes a belief we hold, it then functions as a filter that can literally change the way we see the world and ourselves within it—sometimes quite dramatically.

With this in mind, here are a few of the key beliefs we hold.

It is literally impossible for anyone to solve a problem by using “what’s-wrong” questions.

Every answer we’ll ever need for guiding our own life is already present in our “inner knowing.”

Each of us is complete, whole, perfect, deserving and worthy, just the way we are. There is nothing about us that needs to be “fixed.”

The beauty we see in others reflects our own. We can enhance our own beauty by searching for beauty in others and celebrating it when we find it.

For someone or something to be less than perfect is inconceivable to God.

It is our natural state to be “on a roll,” or to be consistently “in the zone” —in fact it’s our birthright.

Each of us could easily be “on a roll” whenever we choose... if we just knew how to stop interfering with that natural process.

“Positive thinking,” as most people practice it, is actually negative thinking in the extreme.

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