The ENERGY of Questions

The ENERGY of Unanswered Questions

The energy of an unanswered question could very well be the most powerful motivating force in the universe.

  • This energy of unanswered questions works like a huge vacuum or magnet that draws into its empty space the perfect answer to whatever driving question you are running on. This is also known as the “Law of Attraction.”
  • For adversarial thinkers, this “Law of Attraction” works more like a “Law of Unintended Consequences,” as it systematically draws to them precisely what they DO NOT want.
  • For strategic thinkers, the magnet works beautifully to attract exactly what they DO want.
  • It’s all in the way you structure your questions.
  • Adversarial thinkers mistake this energy for pain and then consume enormous amounts of energy in trying to figure out what’s wrong with their picture (so they can prevent the pain).
  • Strategic thinkers honor and respect this powerful creative energy for what it truly represents and then are continually recharged by eureka’s that occur as perfect answers to their questions fall into place one after another.
Table 4